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How to properly shine your shoes

shine shoes

It’s been said that the best way to gain a first impression of a man is to check out his shoes. Not only the investment he makes in the quality of his shoes, but also how he takes care of them.

Now you could have the the finest pair of Bally derby shoes, but if they’re dirty or marked and scuffed up, you may as well be wearing Crocs. Here is what every man should know to properly shine your shoes.

Get stocked up

Make sure you have everything you need before you get started. Here’s your list:


Step 1

Lay out your old newspaper to the space where you’ll be doing your work. Polish is extremely difficult to get out if it comes into contact with something that will piss you off. Now, remove any shoe laces if applicable.

Step 2

Wipe the dust, dirt and grime off of your shoes with first a damp cloth. If the shoes get moist, take the 10-15 minutes to let the shoes dry. Complete a final clean up with the horsehair brush.

Step 3

Take your polish, and make sure that it matches your shoe colour as much as possible. Be sure to cover the whole shoe with polish using the polish brush, including the seams. Wait 15 minutes or so while the shoe polish dries.

Step 5

Take the horsehair shine brush and – of course- brush the entire shoe. Don’t be shy to really aggressively brush the shoe removing most of the polish build up leaving only a small film.

Step 6

Because they typically get the most scuffed and marked up, I like to take a damp cloth, apply a little polish and give the toe area and heel an extra shine. Use a rotating motion and take your time.

Once the shoes have dried, replace or restring the shoe laces.

Place shoes on the feet and strut like Travolta walking down the street with a can of paint.