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Spin it old school with the Shinola Runwell Turntable

shinola turntable

Vinyl isn’t just making a comeback. It’s back. All the way back.

So if you’re a hardcore audiophile and understand the art of placing the needle, you’re going to want a turntable that looks as good as it sounds.

A great option is the Shinola Rose Gold Runwell Turntable. Shinola is a proud American brand based out of Detroit first known for crafting luxury bikes, watches and other leather goods. With a focus on great craftsmanship, they are extending their products in other areas – including turntables.

Shinola’s Rose Gold Runwell Turntable is a great option from the minute you open the box. Like Apple’s approach to getting up and running with your new device, the Runwell is easy for anyone to set up. Simply attach the belt, plug it in and it’s ready to spin. The resolution and tonality is outstanding and is complimented by the beauty of the piece itself.

Shinola Rose Gold Runwell Turntable

With a leather matted platter and a light wood base, you won’t hide this turntable behind a cabinet. The mid-century modern look reflects other Shinola product style and design. Add to that the high-end sound at a fairly good price, and it’s no wonder vinyl is back to stay.

MRSP $2,500