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Bloke & Fella Guide to Wearing a Tie Bar

guide to wearing a tie bar

The tie bar, or tie clip, has made a big comeback in the last 10 years. Like other modern sartorial comebacks, such as a simple pocket square, you can attest the tie bar’s return to men’s fashion thanks to a little show called Mad Men. In actuality, the tie clip started to become prominent in the 1920’s as a a functional accessory to replace the tie pin when ties made of delicate materials such as silk became the norm.

Up until the 1970’s, it was common knowledge for men to know how to properly wear a tie bar. Today, not so much – so we’re providing you with a simple guide to ensure you’re improving your style with his simple accessory.

Pick the right tie bar

One tie bar does not fit all and a common mistake that men make is choosing a tie bar that’s too long. At the very least, it’s important not to choose a tie bar that’s wider than you tie. Ideally, the proper width should follow the following measurements:

  • 2 inch skinny tie – 1 inch tie bar
  • 2.5 inch narrow tie – 1.5 inch tie bar
  • 3 inch tie – 2 inch tie bar
  • 3.5 inch tie – 2.5 inch tie bar

Wear it at the right spot on the tie

This is where most men lack confidence as it can often be placed too high or too low. When wearing a tie bar, it’s rather simple. Wear the bar between the third and fourth buttons on your dress shirt.

tie bar shirt and tie
Shirt, tie and tie bar from

Clip it properly

The tie bar came about as much for function as it did for looks. Obviously, it’s meant to keep your tie tight to your body as it hangs or blows in the wind. Because of that, remember to clip the bar not only to your tie but also to your shirt.