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Tips for wearing a suit without a tie

Formal wear is evolving. Although there is a segment of men that are going back to the suit and tie, there is still a substantial number of workplaces and social settings where a tie stands out as the anomaly.┬áLeaving the tie at home when you put on a nice two or three-piece suit can look great. You can still look sharp and stand out, but it’s important to do it the right way. The following are some tips to remember when wearing a suit without a tie.


Fit is key

Like with any suit, you want to start with fit first. This is particularly true when you wear that suit without a tie. A tie can be a focal point to your outfit, so without it, the eye’s attention is drawn elsewhere. This is when fit becomes key.

good fit for a suit
Fit first – always

This also doesn’t mean that you should be going with a skinny or super slim suit. It means that you have to find the proper fit for your body type. Purchasing or having your suit tailored from a reputable and knowledgeable place can help you ensure that any alterations are done to best compliment the suit’s fit and comfort.


Pick the proper shirt

It’s always important to have a quality shirt, but it’s even more important when wearing a suit without a tie. First, be sure to pick a shirt with a strong collar. Unless you are going to button the top button on your shirt, you don’t want a smaller collar that’s going to get squashed under your suit jacket.

weak collar for suit
You will need a stronger collar than this

A collar that’s strong and a little bigger often is the best bet. We’d recommend a tall spread, point or semi-spread collar.

We would recommend against a wide spread collar or a cutaway collar, which tend to create an awkward shape at your neck. They are a great choice when wearing a tie but not so much when going without.


Add accessories

Without a tie and even a tie bar, the little details to your outfit start to matter even more. This presents a great opportunity to add some accessories to up your style game.

Certainly, the key isn’t to over do it. The last thing you want to do is take on the peacock look of adding too many accessories that it overwhelms your outfit.

pocket square and lapel
A pocket square and lapel is a nice touch

We like to keep it simple. Beyond your everyday accessories such as glasses and a watch, a pocket square is a great option, and if it fits your style, a lapel pin can be another good choice. The benefit of not wearing a tie is that you can pretty much choose the colour of your pocket square and even a lapel pin.


One last tip

The fit of your suit is best served when you button it properly. The rule is simple – button the suit when standing and keep it unbuttoned when sitting.