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The Ultimate Swingin’ Playlist

swingin' songs of the rat pack playlist

There are those evenings where the mood allows you to step back in time and set the tone for an era when singers like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and others set the standard for saloon or torch songs that never go out of style.

What’s a ‘saloon song’? Well, take it from the Chairman of the Board himself from his 1980 performance at the great New York theatre on West 55th Street.

Anyway, saloon songs are songs of unrequited love and sadness or the simple story of the guy whose chick has split and left him with a quarter ounce of grass, but no paper and no matches and she never even paid the electric bill, and she stole the VW with the flat tyre. She split, the chick. She got the hell out of there, baby. She flew the coop. And he’s hurtin’. Oh boy, is he hurtin’. He’s the kind of guy that you find alone at two o’clock in the morning with either a piano player or a jukebox, and this is the kind of music they usually play or they like to listen to. If you please …

We’ve put together a playlist of some of the greatest of these songs as well as other, more swingin’ tunes. This music is perfect whether you’re spending the night in with someone special or even if you’re on your own.