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Orlebar Brown introduces the James Bond 007 Swimwear Collection

James Bond 007 collection from Orlebar Brown

Even the most stylish of men can struggle when it comes to swimwear. There is often the one side of the spectrum which includes baggy, knee length board shorts or the other side made up of tight, near-speedo options that look like you’re smuggling olives into the pool bar.

Neither one of these is a great option.

The good news is that there are some really great brands out there that have designed quality swimwear that fits men really well, including Saturdays NYC, Thorsun and Vilebrequin.

But the most popular fashionable swimwear brand for men is likely Orlebar Brown. Launched in 2007 by Brit designer Adam Brown, they are known for the quality of material and fit that not only complement you, but also allow you to move from the pool to beach bar with style.

But if you’re one who more moves from the pool into the arms of a mysterious beautiful international femme fatale before saving the world, then you’re in luck because this summer, Orlebar Brown has launched a partnership with James Bond production company EON to produce the brand’s best selling Bulldog style swimwear featuring movie poster art from classic James Bond films, including Dr. No, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice and Live and Let Die.

James Bond Dr No Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown promotes their products as not just a swim short, but a short you can swim in as the patterns is based on a man’s traditional tailored trouser with signature side-fasteners to adjust for a perfect size and fit.

And if you think the partnership feels familiar, it may be because James Bond himself (Daniel Craig, actually) wore Orlebar Brown Setter style swimwear in the movie Skyfall.

The James Bond collection is available now from the Orlebar Brown website priced at $395 US.