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Cool Off the Wall Speakers with Bang & Olufsen’s BeoSound Shape

Bang & Olufsen speakers

Designing your living space takes a lot of time and creativity. Like any design project, the biggest challenge is trying to balance “form” with “function”. In other words, it’s one thing to make your space look great – but it’s another thing altogether to actually live in it every day.

It’s when we add functional pieces to your space, like speakers, that the look and feel takes a hit. The good news is that Danish audio gurus Bang & Olufsen offer a very cool solution that is literally “of the wall”. The BeoSound Shape not only looks like stylish art for your wall, but the product provides a great audio experience with the quality you would expect from their other products.

BeoSound Shape audio Bang Olufsen


Make It Your Own

Essentially merging the worlds of interior design and hi-fi audio, the BeoSound Shape allows you to create a visual audio palette that best fits your space. It offers a scalable wireless speaker system that you can design to your liking and your space. It’s made up of modular hexagonal shapes consisting of a combination of speakers, amplifiers and sound absorbing tiles that you can set up in the pattern your preference. By simply using your mobile device, you can stream audio using such technologies as Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in or AirPlay. If you already have Bang & Olufsen products in other areas of your home, you can play music that will stream throughout every speaker in your home.

With multiple colours and fabrics available, there are a number of options that will work with the palette of your space. Add to that the fact that the ability to configure the design to your liking means that it’s likely your unit will be unique to your space. Bang & Olufsen offers a fun and easy online configuration tool that allows you to design your “BeoSound Shape”, and even allows you to select a colour for your wall to view what your design will look like in your home.

Obviously, prices for the BeoSound Shape vary based on your own design, but a single configuration consists of at least one amplifier package, one loudspeaker set and one BeoSound core plus cables, which can start at around $1,500 US.