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The Best Men’s Store in America is in Minneapolis

martinpatrick3 store

I was recently in Minneapolis and had the chance to check out one of the more renowned men’s stores in the country.

MartinPatrick3 is 17,000 square feet of a shopper’s dream. Founded in 1994 and located in the hip North Loop of the city, it’s more than just a store. It’s a true shopping experience that is unlike anything else in this part of the United States. Maybe in any part of the United States for that matter. It’s purpose is to serve an elusive but worthy cause – a life of style for men.

I became aware of the store on a recommendation from a friend that advised I should probably allocate a couple of hours to get the most from my visit. The North Loop has become very popular in Minneapolis in the last number of years, so there’s plenty to do in the area and it was good advice.

As luck would have it, I was due for a haircut and MartinPatrick3 has a barbershop within the store. Marty’s by Jon Charles offers haircuts, straight blade shaves, beard trims and more. I started my visit to MartinPatrick3 with a simple haircut in a cozy back corner of the store. My appointment was with Pierre who I had some enjoyable conversation about the plight of Minnesota’s sports teams, heartbreak being the common theme. I can assure the outcome of my cut was much better than the outcome of any Vikings season.

martinpatrick3 interior

It was then I could start my MartinPatrick3 shopping experience, which quite simply curates the best of design, living and culture for men. This entails fashion, interior design, accessories, mixology, books, art and more. The 17,000 square feet are split into rooms or spaces that often tie together perfectly and meticulously chosen products to create a showroom experience. Unique art compliments furniture and accessories from designers such as Jonathan Adler, Knoll Studio and Baccarat with clothing from a variety of labels, including A.P.C., Belstaff, DSquared2, Hickey FreemanPal ZileriIsaia and more. 

It’s not long that you’re in the store that you’re offered a beverage to accompany you’re browsing, something I declined as I expected I would be needing both hands over my time there.

martinpatrick3 interior

What makes MartinPatrick3 unique is that it also includes services such as laundering, tailoring and shoe repair, while offering stores within the store including jewelry, watches and harder to find fragrances such as Aether, Orto Parisi, Mad et Len among others. 

The size of the space can be overwhelming, which is why it’s best just to take your time consuming one area at a time. I wasn’t looking for anything too specific and was browsing for a new suit, but in spite of the quality and quantity of options, I didn’t find anything that met my needs. This in spite of the great help and service I received.

martinpatrick3 interior

After browsing every possible clothing item, fragrance, bar ware, watch, athletic wear, pair of shoes, greeting card, office accessory, book and furniture piece, I eventually purchased a pair of Orlebar Brown swimming shorts that are absolutely fantastic. But beyond the products and space the store has to offer, the service is what really stands out at MartinPatrick3. The team is patient, friendly, knowledgeable, fun and hell-bent on making you happy.

martinpatrick3 interior

MartinPatrick3 is more than a store. It represents a lifestyle and offers a curated collection of the best that this lifestyle has to offer. My recommendation is that if you find yourself in the Twin Cities, take half a day to visit the North Loop area and be sure to spend much of that time at this haven for men’s style. You might be surprised what a men’s store can offer and wonder why you would shop anywhere else.