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7 Cool Products for Men

seven cool products for men

Your birthday, Christmas, anniversary and Father's Day have all come and gone and you didn't receive a gift to really excite you. Well, sometimes a man just has to take matters into his own hands to do things himself. So if you're looking to gift yourself with something you'll love, here

Gift Ideas for Men this Season

Men's gift guide

If you're particular about what you wear, use, eat or spend your entertainment time enjoying, then you're probably not an easy person to buy gifts for. So if you're stuck trying to find a gift for someone like you without them returning the item the week after Christmas, we've curated

Three Stylish Smartwatch Alternatives to the Apple Watch

Stylish smartwatches

With the emergence of smartwatches and fitness trackers in the last few years, there's been a shift of what men are wearing on their wrists. Some are looking for more than just the time and date from their watch and the new features and capabilities these digital options offer can

Retro Racing Style with the Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

Steve McQueen Monaco watch

When it comes to old-school Hollywood masculinity, the first image to come to mind is Steve McQueen. And when you think of Steve McQueen, chances are he's behind the wheel of a serious set of wheels. Like fellow actor Paul Newman, McQueen loved the thrill of racing cars and in 1971,

Spin it old school with the Shinola Runwell Turntable

shinola turntable

Vinyl isn't just making a comeback. It's back. All the way back. So if you're a hardcore audiophile and understand the art of placing the needle, you're going to want a turntable that looks as good as it sounds. A great option is the Shinola Rose Gold Runwell Turntable. Shinola is a proud

For the travelling bar – Ralph Lauren’s Kipton Mixologist

Ralph Lauren Kipton Mixologist

When your life gets to the point where you purchase Ralph Lauren's Kipton Mixologist, you officially become the most difficult person to shop for at Christmas. Inspired by Midtown Manhattan's Polo Bar, the Kipton Mixologist gives you everything you need for creating the perfect Old Fashioned in the back of your