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5 Cocktails Recipes Perfect for COVID Quarantine

After nine months of social distancing, here are the top five cocktails we've discovered at our new regular bar - the home bar. It's no surprise that to help cope with the challenges that come with social distancing and the inability to enjoy time with loved ones, people are bringing their

A Beginner’s Guide to Smoked BBQ

Along with jazz, the blues, William Faulkner and college football in the SEC, smoked BBQ is probably the greatest contribution the south has given the world. Lovers of this style of eating can enjoy it in the same way wine connoisseurs enjoy their favourite labels, including regional styles, techniques, types

The Five Best Places to Have a Drink in Washington, D.C.

Quadrant bar ritz carlton

In spite of the ugliness and rapid decline of scruples in Washington these days, it remains one of the great cities of the world. Steeped in history, culture and art, much of it reflects what has always made America a great country. Obviously, it’s home to some of the more powerful

The Perfect Recipe for a Manhattan

manhattan cocktail recipe

A lot of classic and certainly newer cocktails require a loaded bar with a variety of ingredients. However, you likely already have all of the ingredients needed for classic Manhattan on hand. With just three ingredients and one garnish, you can serve a cocktail staple that's very easy to make

Must-Have Essentials for your Kitchen

kitchen essentials

Whether you're an avid chef or just a guy that prepares the basics, the significant time you find yourself spending in the kitchen will be much more enjoyable and effective if you have the basic tools of the trade. This becomes even more important if you are cooking a special

Essentials for your Home Bar

essentials for your bar

Today, hosting guests for a social gathering requires more than a beer fridge and a bottle of wine. There's been a revised appreciation for classic cocktails and more creative concoctions when it comes to one's drink of choice and many of us are becoming armchair mixologists in the process. So if you are looking to

The Perfect Recipe for an Old Fashioned

With the growing popularity of mixology and the art of mixed drinks, classic cocktails have made their way back. From the modern 'speakeasy' to the chain around the corner, people are ordering martinis, Manhattan's and anything else your creative bartender can put together. The most popular of drinks is likely the Old

Tips for a memorable Las Vegas lounge crawl

Las Vegas lounge crawl

Las Vegas is a great place to rip it up with the fellas. Over the years, it's also become a great place for a more reserved and even sophisticated getaway - especially with your significant other. For a fun and romantic evening out, a great alternative to a standard Cirque show is