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Five of the coolest spaces to stay on AirBnB

best places on airbnb

There are few other companies that can claim to have disrupted an entire industry like that of AirBnB. Started by its founders as a means to cover their own rent, it’s quickly grown into a company used by millions from all over the world. And if you are a lover

Etiquette tips for the gym

It's the time of year where men are focused on getting back in shape. Whether you're a seasoned gym rat or have just purchased your first membership, there's an etiquette that goes with sharing the same equipment, showers and space with sweaty strangers. The important thing when belonging to a gym

The Skin Survival Guide For Winter

The Skin Survival Guide For Winter

Winter can be a tough time time of year, especially if you live in a climate where wind and below freezing temperatures are the norm of the season. On top of that, winter can wreak havoc on your skin - your face in particular. The low temperatures, humidity and the

Rent Frank Sinatra’s Classic Mid-Century Palm Springs Home

frank sinatra house twin palms

At the beginning of the 1950's, Frank Sinatra was soon to embark on the second act of his legendary career. After falling out of favour with teenagers with the coming of Elvis and rock n' roll, Sinatra was considered part of a bygone era. But he re-emerged in 1953 with the

Gift Ideas for Men this Season

Men's gift guide

If you're particular about what you wear, use, eat or spend your entertainment time enjoying, then you're probably not an easy person to buy gifts for. So if you're stuck trying to find a gift for someone like you without them returning the item the week after Christmas, we've curated

Five Exercises You Should Be Doing

kettle bells

There's no doubt that getting on a fitness program can be confusing. Everyone has different advice for a variety of approaches and philosophies to get back in shape. Assuming you are looking to reduce body fat and become more aesthetically pleasing, forget all the contraptions, trends, quick fixes and as-seen-on-tv

Five Great Road Trip Books About Road Trips

road trip

There's a still a romance about getting behind the wheel and being out on the open road. Sure your phone has replaced the map you can't figure out how to fold properly and it's almost impossible to get lost, but one thing that hasn't changed is the need for a

Tips for a memorable Las Vegas lounge crawl

Las Vegas lounge crawl

Las Vegas is a great place to rip it up with the fellas. Over the years, it's also become a great place for a more reserved and even sophisticated getaway - especially with your significant other. For a fun and romantic evening out, a great alternative to a standard Cirque show is