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The Ultimate Swingin’ Playlist

swingin' songs of the rat pack playlist

There are those evenings where the mood allows you to step back in time and set the tone for an era when singers like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and others set the standard for saloon or torch songs that never go out of style. What's a 'saloon song'? Well, take

Rent Frank Sinatra’s Classic Mid-Century Palm Springs Home

frank sinatra house twin palms

At the beginning of the 1950's, Frank Sinatra was soon to embark on the second act of his legendary career. After falling out of favour with teenagers with the coming of Elvis and rock n' roll, Sinatra was considered part of a bygone era. But he re-emerged in 1953 with the

12 Essential Albums for your Vinyl Collection

This year, sales of vinyl has hit a 25 year high. Not since the original Bush sat in the Oval Office have this many units been sold. Many have speculated as to why we are seeing this resurgence of vinyl sales, though it is most likely due to the fact that